Rancho San Pedro Public Housing Site


RSP Demographic Profile

The population of the Rancho San Pedro public housing site is approximately 1,392 individuals composed of 465 households with an average family size of three. Currently 367 people are employed, the average income is $20,870 and the average rent paid is $379. 75% of the households are extremely low-income (below 30% of area median income). RSP’s population includes: 74% Hispanic, 22% African American, 2% Caucasian and 1 % Asian. 42% of the people are below 18 years of age and 11% are 61 and older.


RSP Community Coaches and Resident Organizations

HACLA has pioneered the Community Coaches program in prior redevelopment efforts. RSP Coaches meet monthly and are conduits for disseminating and receiving information, meeting planning and logistics and resident outreach. Coaches are instrumental in grassroots outreach efforts including distribution of flyers door-to- door, knocking on residents’ doors to encourage participation in meetings or surveys, and being available to answer questions as they arise. Coaches will also help the Developer and HACLA make modifications to resident engagement efforts as needed based on resident input.

RSP has a very active Resident Advisory Council (RAC) that provides leadership training and hosts an on-site center and office to provide meals for seniors, computers for resident use English as a Second Language (ESL) classes and other activities. The RAC is supported by HACLA and required per HUD guidelines.

HACLA is establishing a Community Advisory Council (CAC) specifically for the revitalization of RSP. The CAC will be responsible for decision-making, guiding vision development, engagement strategies and monitoring the planning process.


RSP Community Benefit Plan

HACLA will ensure there is continuous and meaningful RSP resident and community stakeholder engagement during the planning process and throughout implementation. HACLA has hosted approximately one meeting a month with residents/stakeholders, attendance has ranged from 70 to 100 participants. The RSP community is very active and engaged.

At recent meetings, the residents and stakeholders conducted various exercises to rank what elements should be incorporated into the new development. The categories listed below were ranked as the highest priority. A resident input input summary is provided in Reference Materials.

  1. Homeownership Opportunities
  2. Greater Number of Affordable Apartments
  3. Fresh Food/Grocery Stores
  4. Accessible Units
  5. Early Childhood Education/School-Age Learning Center
  6. Job Training Centers
  7. Mixed-Income
  8. Community and Recreation Centers


HACLA’s Commitments to the Rancho San Pedro Public Housing Residents

  • Residents will not be permanently displaced.
  • HACLA will provide build first opportunities if they are available and feasible.
  • If resident relocation is required, residents will only be temporarily relocated during construction, depending on phasing and plans for redevelopment. Any offsite resident relocation opportunities offered should be located within the Barton Hill Elementary jurisdiction.
  • Residents will be offered a choice of housing including a new onsite unit, a Tenant-Based Housing Choice Voucher, or a public housing unit at another HACLA community.
  • All households in good standing will have the right to return.
  • Re-screening will not disqualify residents from receiving replacement housing. Re-screening will be done to ensure that families are in appropriate-sized and subsidized housing.
  • Resident rents will continue to be structured in the same manner as they are under public housing, with households paying an equivalent rent to their current rent structure.
  • Residents will continue to have tenant protection provisions in the new leases.
  • Support for tenant leadership and formal organization.